Precision Machining

  • 3, 4 and 5 axis vertical and horizontal milling
  • 4 axis turning/milling
  • Automated part loading
  • Fast setups with quick-change tooling on all machines
  • High energy and vibratory finishing/deburring

Hirsh Precision’s CNC capabilities include 3, 4, & simultaneous 5-Axis milling, multi-spindle and swiss lathe capabilities, bar-fed and chuck mill-turn capabilities and Flexible Manufacturing Systems to reduce setups and lead times. We manufacture a wide range of lot sizes, but we specialize in designing processes to support repeatable and consistent production runs for parts with stringent cosmetic and dimensional requirements.

Enjoy the video below highlighting Fastems, one of our Flexible Advanced Manufacturing System components:


Enjoy the video below highlighting some of our advanced machining capabilities with the NTX 1000:


Quality Management System

Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 certified, ensuring the quality of our products and services is deeply embedded into our day-to-day operations through proprietary process control software.

In addition, we have invested heavily in developing accurate, timely, and scalable production scheduling capabilities to ensure on-time delivery.

Quality Assurance

  • Temperature and Humidity controlled QA Lab
  • Three Zeiss coordinate measuring machines
  • Pratt & Whitney Labmaster Universal (laser-based system for gage calibration)
  • First article inspections performed on all setups
  • Continuous and documented in-process inspections
  • Bluetooth-enabled hand tools used to reduce risk of data entry error

Please watch our Quality Lab Overview video for more details:

Specialized Offerings

  • Design for Manufacturability Consulting
    • With over 750 years of machining experience at Hirsh Precision, we take joy in sharing what we know with customers to reduce cost, complexity, and risk in the production process.
  • Automated Passivation
    • Our ultrasonic cleaning and passivation system helps prevent rust and preserve the appearance of metal.
  • Assembly Services
    • Customers use Hirsh Precision for complex assemblies with electro-mechanical components.  We take responsibility for the quality, quantity, and timeliness of the entire assembly, including not only machined components we produce, but also parts purchased off the shelf and parts requiring secondary processing throughout the United States.
  • Inventory Management
    • Through ERP integration, we can help customers monitor inventory levels and ensure no stock outs occur.  We can also reduce lead times to help keep safety stock low.
  • Calibration Services
    • Our modern equipment and temperature and humidity controlled quality lab provide an excellent environment for calibrating measuring tools and equipment.
  • Competent outsource relationships developed for:
  • Heat Treating
  • Welding/Brazing
  • Bending/Forming
  • Plating/Anodizing