Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing Services

Our team at Hirsh Precision brings over 800 years of manufacturing experience to the table.  We are pleased to offer a valuable set of services at Hirsh Precision that range from design for manufacturability to supply chain management, from rapid prototyping to end-to-end contract manufacturing. 

The quality of our precision manufacturing and engineering services is complimented by our strategic investment in technology and automation, ensuring increased efficiency and our ability to provide the best manufacturing solution possible for our customers.  We strive to provide our skilled machinists, technicians and engineers with the best equipment possible.  

Our team at Hirsh Precision serves a variety of markets, with much of our work dedicated to the medical, aerospace, water and energy, and technology industries. 

From working closely with clients to bringing an idea to life via a prototype part to fulfilling their recurring production needs, we are committed to being the supply partner of choice for our customers.  By supporting customers through all aspects of the product development lifecycle, we help your business and your team reach its full potential. 

CNC Machining and Metrology Capabilities

Our facility contains 20 CNC machines – split evenly between mills and lathes.  Learn more below about how we combine advanced manufacturing technology, careful process design, and high quality services into a compelling and complete package.

Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

As a product’s design stabilizes, Hirsh Precision understands how to transition from rapid prototyping into production.  We partner with customers to reach production milestones and consider how to build in quality to the production process, meet applicable regulatory requirements and develop a lean supply chain providing flexibility, speed, and transparency for customers.  Our customers love that they can transition from a rapid prototyping model into a scalable contract manufacturing agreement with the same partner.  

To learn more about our manufacturing solutions, contact us today!

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