Boulder, Colorado
Posted 4 weeks ago

Quality work delivered on time

Experienced CNC Lathe Machinist (Weekend Shift)

Hirsh Precision Products, Inc.

Boulder, CO 80301

About the Company

With over 800 years of machining experience, world-class performance, and a history of investing in the latest technology, Hirsh Precision is well-positioned for growth. Our company maintains a reputation of integrity, quality, service, and excellence only as a result of the efforts of our passionate, engaged team members. We are committed to preserving our company culture as we grow, because we think it improves the lives of people who interact with our company. As a leader in US manufacturing, it is our goal to bring new levels of productivity and product innovation into the medical, aerospace, industrial, and scientific industries by leveraging software, advanced manufacturing techniques, and new manufacturing systems.

Vision & Mission

Our company will be the Standard of Excellence in precision manufacturing.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and manufacturing services, delivered on time. We are committed to continuous improvement and to conducting business with integrity.

Core Values

We strive to be people who are:

  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Passionate and productive
  • Loyal and committed

Position Summary

We are looking for an experienced CNC machinist to join Hirsh Precision’s highly experienced, dedicated production team. This role will be assigned specifically to Track 2 of our 3-track manufacturing system. Track 2 is dedicated to planned production orders for our customers.

The ideal candidate will have experience in operation and setup on 5-axis Swiss type lathes. Specifically, you will be using Tsugami BE20, BS20C, and S206 lathes. Current and relevant CNC experience is necessary, although programming and setup are not required for this role.

Unlike other shops, we do not require machinists to run programming, first article (FA) inspections, deburring and part washing. Your role will be dedicated to operating the machine(s) within your designated cell.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Working knowledge of operation and setup for Swiss type CNC lathes
  • General knowledge of CNC machining production and inspection
  • Adhere to the company’s safety guidelines and policies
  • Interpret engineering drawings for inspection requirements
  • Manually inspect parts using micrometers, calipers, and gauges


  • Previous experience in operating CNC lathe machines
  • Ability to comprehend and follow blueprints and computer-screen instructions within our proprietary software
  • Capable of working in a fast-paced, team-oriented work environment
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • General knowledge of Office 365 applications (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Strong attention to detail and thoroughness

Preferred Experience

  • Ability to run setups on parts for Swiss type lathes
  • Prior experience using Tsugami BE20, BS20C, and S206 lathes

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