Inventory Management

Worry-free, proactive inventory monitoring and management for your team.

Inventory Management at Hirsh Precision

When it comes to working alongside a precision manufacturer, one of the most unavoidable challenges associated with manufacturing a component is lead-time.

It’s not uncommon for a complex part to have a lead-time of several weeks, maybe even more if a manufacturer is at capacity. And while many businesses don’t have a problem with planning around that – what if your business offers a product or service that require instantaneous turn around, or little to no lead-time? That’s where Hirsh Precision’s inventory management solution comes in.

Our inventory management solution is ideal for any customer who has a component or assembly that is purchased on a consistent basis, may require large lot sizes for production, and needs to be available with little to no lead-time.

Inventory management is essentially our buffer between a customer’s fulfillment time and our manufacturing lead-time. It frees up our partner’s time, energy and resources, and ensures that they have access to their part at all times. 

How our Inventory Management Works

By incorporating existing inventory data from our customer with forecasted usage, our team can own the entire inventory management process. We oversee the part’s production schedule, ship parts from our inventory when needed, and can generate suggested reorder dates and quantities.

This inventory management solution provides several key benefits, including:

  • Reduced inventory costs
  • Shortened lead-times
  • Regular alerts from our team when your on-hand inventory reaches a reorder point
  • Available inventory at the drop of a hat


Alongside proactive inventory monitoring and management, our team has established an efficient process through EDI integrations and a seamless quoting system that helps our customers get what they need fast.

We’ve also invested in cloud technology that allows us to simplify and automate our various manufacturing processes through the use of quality management, supply chain management, collaboration portals and other essential capabilities.

Hirsh Precision’s inventory management is an efficient, cost-effective way of making sure your team never goes without parts, avoids lead-times, and helps you deliver your product or service to your customer base with the shortest turnaround time possible.

If you think our inventory management may be right for your team, contact us today to set up a consultation

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