Complex Assembly

Highly precise, mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly – our team’s solution for providing complete finished device contract manufacturing for medical and aerospace industries.

Complex Assembly at Hirsh Precision

Our team has offered complex assembly services to a number of our customers for nearly 10 years. And with our expansion in Louisville, Colorado, we’re more prepared than ever to take on your complex assembly work.

The Hirsh Precision assembly facility is 7,000 square feet, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified, and outfitted with the space and equipment needed to provide our customers with complete finished device contract manufacturing.

While the majority of our complex assembly work is concentrated on aerospace and medical industries, we also attract companies who are not only focused on product development and innovation, but also in need of a trustworthy team who can oversee their mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly projects.

Benefits of Complex Assembly

Hirsh Precision initially started offering complex assembly services when we realized that many of our customers were diverting efforts away from their core business in order to manage their own assemblies.

We value our customers and the work they do, so over the years we’ve created a solution that allows our team to:

  • Handle your mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly
  • Source component parts through vendors and suppliers on your behalf
  • Track the production, assembly, and shipping of your products utilizing our ERP platform and proprietary Shop Floor Management software
  • Manage the supply chain for your manufactured and assembled products from beginning to end


These services free up our customers’ time, personnel, and resources so they can dedicate these resources to what matters most to their business.

By partnering with our complex assembly team, our customers can focus their precious engineering resources on designing and innovating.

To learn more about Hirsh Precision’s complex assembly services, contact our team today!

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