About Us

Our history, mission, and values – learn what makes Hirsh Precision tick.

Our History

The Hirsh Precision Products, Inc. you see today comes from humble beginnings.

What started with Steve Hirsh trading his Fiat X19 to buy his first Bridgeport Mill back in 1979 has flourished into a precision manufacturing shop that delivers high quality parts to companies that are doing groundbreaking work across a variety of industries. 

We have incorporated a large number of innovations and technological advances to our work over the years, but through all that change, our company remains committed to both our values and our customers.


Our Mission

We provide the highest quality products and manufacturing services delivered on time. We are committed to continuous improvement and conducting business with integrity. 

Our Core Values

We strive to be:

  1. Honest and Trustworthy
  2. Passionate and Productive
  3. Loyal and Committed 

Our Company Values

As Hirsh has grown over the years, we’ve really honed in on the values and culture that ultimately drive our business. 

“High quality work is the result of conducting business with integrity and the foundation of our company’s culture.”

Steve Hirsh, Founder & Director of Engineering

At the end of the day, there are three priorities that guide our practices at Hirsh Precision Products.

  1. Safety. Hirsh Precision has always worked to maintain good habits and safe practices in order to operate safely and deliver products on time to our customers. Likewise, each member of the Hirsh team always has the wellbeing, health, and security of their team members at the front of mind.
  2. Quality. Quality is not about inspecting defective parts and products that are out of tolerance. Rather, quality at Hirsh Precision is centered around the configuration of our machining processes to achieve both precision and repeatability throughout every step of the manufacturing process.
  3. Productivity. You could define productivity by making and shipping products efficiently, but why stop there? For Hirsh Precision, productivity means developing and deploying the best tools that streamline communication between both our customers and our team members, ensuring our processes are precise and accurate.


Our team operates on a culture based on integrity, trust, confidence, and commitment. We believe in delivering the highest quality work, treating our partners fairly, and maintaining a standard of excellence across everything we do.

With over 800 years of combined machining experience, we take pride in the work that we do, and joy in the knowledge we can share with our customers and partners.

precision manufacturing at Hirsh Precision Products, Inc

Hirsh Today

The world has seen rapid innovations across the manufacturing industry, and Hirsh has come a long way since 1979. And while we have grown into a larger organization with the latest precision manufacturing machinery and technologies, we continue to hold to our values, just like we have since 1979.

Although the industries we serve and processes we use look vastly different from the early days at Hirsh, our daily operations and interactions with our customers continue to be guided by our core values and reinforced by the company culture we have maintained since our founding.

Today, the Hirsh team deploys its knowledge and experience to provide total solutions for our valued partners, and we are honored to be one of the manufacturing partners for some of the most innovative companies in Colorado.

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