• Temperature and Humidity controlled QA Lab
  • Two Zeiss coordinate measuring machines
  • Pratt & Whitney Labmaster Universal (laser-based system for gage calibration)
  • First article inspections performed on all setups
  • Continuous in-process inspections

Inspection instructions are created for every process step of a component and are accessed on the shop floor through our paperless information system. Raw materials, outside processes and internal setups are routed through a first article inspection and approval procedure. The shop floor has at its disposal two Zeiss Contura G-2 coordinate measuring machines, a Pratt & Whitney Labmaster Universal (laser-based measuring system for gage calibration) and a full compliment of hand inspection tools. All inspection tools are on a calibration schedule and are traceable to NIST.

It takes committed people to insure consistent high quality production. To this end Hirsh Precision provides incentives for and shares in the financial rewards of high quality performance.